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Bubblewrap is a fun bubble popping game, implemented with HTML5 and Javascript technology. You can play this game in two modes, a Normal mode and an Arcade mode. In Normal mode, once you pop all the bubbles, a new sheet of bubbles appears. In Arcade mode, there is a timer, and periodically appearing airpumps, hammers, and clocks. Scores are stored to the system and there is a list of top scores. Settings include turning the Audio effects on and off for more fun popping sounds.

Bubblewrap uses several HTML5/CSS3 techniques, like:

  • Use of CSS3 Flexible Box Module for example: -webkit-box-flex, -webkit-box-align, -webkit-box-orient
  • Use of webkit transitions, transforms, and animations Manipulation of css properties from JavaScript
  • Use of Jquery for triggering/running animations
Bubblewrap screenshot