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BY Hongbo Wang ON Oct 25, 2017

We are pleased to release the Intel GVT-g ISO which contains  all the 2017-Q3 updates for both KVMGT and XenGT. The setup guide is embedded in ISO, please refer to README file for more details.


This update consists of:

-    Kernel version upgraded to 4.12 from 4.11.

-    Live migration feature preliminary supported.

-    QoS feature preliminary supported.

-    IOMMU feature supported.

-    OVMF feature supported.

-    VGPU reset feature optimization, with related issues be fixed.

-    Supported server platforms: Intel(r) Xeon(r) E3_v4, E3_v5 and E3_v6 with Intel Graphics processor, the E3_v6 is new supported platform.

-    Supported client platforms: Intel(r) Core(tm) 5th generation (code name: Broadwell), 6th generation (code name: Skylake) and 7th generation (code name: Kabylake), the 7th generation is new supported platform.

-    Validated Guest OS: Windows7 32bit, Window7 64bit, Windows8.1 64bit, Windows10 64bit and Linux.

-    GVT-g only supports remote display not local display by this release.

-    Remote protocol: only guest-side remoting protocol is supported, host-side remoting connection like SPICE is working in progress. For example, user can use X11VNC for Guest Linux VM or TightVNC for Guest Windows VM.

Refer to Q3'17 KVMGT and XenGT release notes for more details.


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Note: The KVMGT and XenGT project should be considered a work in progress. As such it is not a complete product nor should it be considered one. Extra care should be taken when testing and configuring a system to use the KVMGT and XenGT project.