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Intel GVT-g ISO for 2018-Q1 Release

BY Hongbo Wang ON Apr 25, 2018

We are pleased to release the Intel GVT-g ISO which contains all the 2018-Q1 updates for both KVMGT and XenGT. The setup guide is embedded in ISO, please refer to README file for more details.


Platform Support

-    Server platforms: Intel(r) Xeon(r) E3_v4, E3_v5 and E3_v6 with Intel Graphics processor

-    Client platforms: Intel(r) Core(tm) 5th generation (code name: Broadwell), 6th generation (code name: Skylake) and 7th generation (code name: Kabylake)


Guest Operation System Validated

-    Windows7 32-bit, Window7 64-bit, Windows8.1 64-bit, Windows10 64-bit

-    Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit


Major Changes from Q3’2017 Release

-    This update is based on kernel version 4.14 and Qemu version 2.10 and Xen 4.10.

-    Improve stability of Live Migration feature with internal stress test passed.

-    Implement dmabuf-based Guest VM framebuffer sharing for KVMGT. With adding GTK and Spice dmabuf support in Qemu (to be in Qemu 2.12), local and remote display use cases are preliminarily enabled.

-    Improve GVT health on IOMMU enabled platform by fixing high DMA setup overhead issue for KVMGT.

-    More bug fixing, code refinement and debugging interface enhancement, please refer to git log.


Refer to Q1’18 KVMGT and XenGT release notes for more details.


ISO download link:


Official GVT-g portal:


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Note: The KVMGT and XenGT project should be considered a work in progress. As such it is not a complete product nor should it be considered one. Extra care should be taken when testing and configuring a system to use the KVMGT and XenGT project.