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From the exponential growth of video on the Internet to desktop virtualization initiatives, media-rich workloads represent a growing share of network traffic.  In addition, cloud computing models are incorporating robust media.  These usages represent opportunities for businesses to driver new revenue streams and reduce overall costs, but only if the media processing can be managed efficiently.  Efficiency in today’s world often implies the use of cloud computing, bug media workloads have traditionally been difficult to schedule in the cloud due to an inability to access graphics processing unit (GPU) offload capabilities for optimal performance.
In response to this challenge, graphics virtualization techniques have evolved to allow a media-optimized workload to run on top of a virtualized environment, such as virtualizing the graphics processor for concurrent use to provide direct, dedicated access to a GPU for a single virtualized workload, or providing a pass-through for direct, shared access to the GPU for a number of virtualized workloads.
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