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Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework (DPTF) for Chromium OS

Intel ® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework (Intel® DPTF) is a solution to help enable thin, quiet, and cool platform designs. Intel DPTF hosts various platform level power and thermal management technologies that help with this goal. Intel DPTF provides mechanisms for platform components and devices to be exposed to individual technologies in a consistent and modular fashion thus enabling a coordinated control of the platform to achieve the power and thermal management goals. This project supports the Chromium operating system.


DPTF is a dual licensed open source project where development is done both internally and externally.  Our GitHub respository contains the latest versions we have available. We encourage you to use DPTF, let us know what you think, submit bugs and send us your patches!

Please carefully review our Participation Guidelines before contributing to DPTF. 


Mailing List


The development of DPTF is hosted between an internal SCM and the GitHub repositories at:


When discovered, should be sent over the mailing list for all the work upon.


Clone our GitHub repository and send patches!  When you are ready to send patches make sure to follow the GIT guidelines.