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Release Date: 
Dec 23, 2016
source package

This is the original version of Content Hub.


Feature list of this version:

Supports most file formats (PDF, HTML, JPG, MP3, ZIP, etc), even apps/executables.

  • Supports single-file or bulk-file upload of content.
  • Contains two content spaces.
    • “Preloaded Content” which can be populated by the LOEM, reseller, MOE, content publisher, or the factory and cannot be erased or modified by teachers or by device factory reset.
    • “My Uploaded Content” which can be populated and managed (including erasure) by teachers.
  • Supports IMS content packaging standard.
  • Content can be tagged and categorized according to pedagogical structure.
  • Content can be organized into lessons.
  • Content and lessons can be featured so it’s easier for students to see what is most relevant.
  • Teachers can restrict (hide) access to content from students.
  • The device’s content management system allows students easy access to content without any complicated login.