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Intel® SecL-DC News Update:  1.5 GA  Release 7/24/19

1.5GA Release Supporting below Use Cases:
- Added support for additional Root of Trust options – Intel BootGuard and UEFI SecureBoot – including removing the tboot requirement if UEFI SecureBoot is enabled (due to incompatibility)
- Added the Application Integrity feature
1.5GA Release Supporting below Key Features:
- Updated algorithms to use SHA384 instead of SHA256
- Updated key generation to use RSA-3K

Intel® SecL-DC News Update:  First generation 1.4 GA Release 5/22/19

First version 1.4GA Release supporting the below Use Cases:

- Hardware-rooted Platform Trust Attestation
Intel Security Libraries leverage Intel Trusted Execution Technology and the Trusted Compute Group standards to establish a measured boot environment for servers that use Intel Xeon processors and a Trusted Platform Module.  This measured boot environment allows a server's actual boot state to be compared to known-good values, which enables the detection of malicious code injection, rootkits, unacceptable firmware or software version, etc.  Remote attestation of this comparison through ISecL allows a clear audit report of the boot state of servers in the datacenter to ensure compliance and improve security. 
- Asset Tag Attestation
Intel Security Libraries allow the generation and provisioning of user-defined key/value pairs that can be securely provisioned into the physical TPM of a host and included in the remote attestation process.  This allows datacenter administrators or cloud consumers to gain visibility into tagged attributes, such as the location of the server hardware.


Intel® SecL-DC News Update:  First generation Beta Release 4/2/19

Building atop hardware-based security, software-based security continues to be essential, which is why we are launching Intel® Security Libraries for Data Center (Intel® SecL-DC).  Beta version is made available 4/2/2019.  The GA version will be made available before the end of May’19.