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Level Up: Get End-to-end Machine Identity Lifecycle Protection with Intel® SGX

BY Sudeendra Raj ON Mar 04, 2021

One important challenge for many organizations has been to secure the private key that is used to prove the authenticity of the server identified by a certificate. Often, these private keys are protected in a suboptimal manner that incurs prohibitively expensive overhead or undesirably high risk.

Combined with machine identity management, Intel® Software Guard Extensions  (Intel® SGX) offers a solution to the problem of securing private keys—an enclave-based solution that brings the cost and overhead down while elevating the security to a level that goes beyond the current status-quo.

In this blog, we will make the case that large organizations (and Venafi customers in particular) can benefit from the synergy between Venafi Trust Protection Platform and Intel SGX for end-to-end protection of machine identities throughout their lifecycles. We will share an example use case and overview of this new approach. Plus, we will touch on the Intel SGX that’s relevant to our solution.


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