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Upcoming use cases and features:

  • 2019
    • Use Cases:
      • Platform Integrity with Multiple HW Root of Trust (HWROT)
      • Application Integrity
      • Launch Time Workload Protection for Bare Metal, VMs, and Containers
    • Features:
      • Containers Launch on Trusted Platform
      • Openstack Release Support
      • Support for SHA384/ RSA3K
      • Flavor Signature
      • Certificate Management Service
      • Authentication and Authorization Service
  • 2020
    • Use Cases:
      • Secure Key Caching
      • SGX Attestation 
      • Secure Discovery of PFR, SGX, Silicon Features
    • Features
      • TA in Go, planned KBS, VS and Hub in Go
      • VM Trust Reports
      • 3rd Party KMIP support
      • PCR Event Logs

Disclaimer: All information provided here is subject to change without notice. Contact your Intel representative to obtain the latest Intel product specifications and roadmaps.