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Source Code Repositories

SGX Software Stack

The Linux SGX software stack is comprised of the SGX driver, the SGX SDK, and the SGX Platform Software.
The SGX SDK and SGX PSW are hosted in the Intel SGX for Linux* project, linux-sgx.
The Intel SGX for Linux* Driver project, linux-sgx-driver, hosts the out-of-tree driver for the Linux SGX software stack, which will be used until SGX support in kernel space are upstreamed to the mainline Linux* kernel.

SGX Support in Linux* Kernel

The sgx-linux-kernel Git* repo contains the kernel changes that will be eventually upstreamed to the mainline Linux kernel. After the 1.5 kernel changes are in the mainline it will serve as a maintainer tree for SGX related kernel changes. Note the current SGX PSW and SDK are not yet compatible with this driver. If you want to use SGX PSW and SDK, please follow its installation guide to install the compatible out-of-tree driver.
You can subscribe to the Linux SGX development mailing list for SGX feature development in the Linux kernel. This is also the place where all the patches should posted from the contributors for SGX support in the Linux kernel.


The Intel-SGX-Data-Center-Attestation-Primitives Git* repo contains SGX attestation support targeted for data centers, cloud services providers and enterprises. This attestation model leverages Elliptic Curve Digital Signature algorithm (ECDSA) versus the current client based SGX attestation model which is EPID based (Enhanced Privacy Identification).