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The Github* repositories listed below host preliminary patches to support SGX virtualization for both KVM and Xen. You can follow the wiki pages in each Github repo for detailed installation and usage instructions.

Please note that the patches in these repos are still under development, and these patches are intended for experimental purposes only. These patches are not mature enough for production use.

Please also note that the current SGX PSW and SDK are not yet compatible with the kernel that the KVM patches below depend on. As a result, you cannot run SGX PSW and SDK-based applications on a host OS with KVM SGX virtualization support. To run SGX PSW and SDK-based applications inside KVM or Xen guest VMs, follow the SGX PSW and SDK installation guide to install a compatible SGX driver. 

KVM SGX virtualization support requires Linux* kernel changes for SGX and Qemu changes. The patches are in two separate Git repositories. Follow the instructions on the wiki pages in each repository to setup SGX virtualization:


Xen SGX virtualization patches are in the Git repository below:


If you have any questions for KVM SGX virtualization, please contact

If you have any questions for Xen SGX virtualization, please contact

You can also subscribe to the intel-sgx-kernel-dev mailing list for SGX feature development in the Linux kernel.