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This Project Provides

Low-level functions for data protection & integrity, compression, hashing and encryption.

The Value of the Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library Project

The Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (Intel® ISA-L) is a collection of optimized low-level functions used primarily in storage applications, but given the flexibility inherent to low-level implementations, ISA-L has ramifications for software well beyond the storage domain. The open source versions contain multiple units that include functions to implement fast erasure codes, data protection & integrity, compression, hashing and encryption. 

Who It's For

This project is for data center software developers building everything from enterprise storage systems to small office NAS appliances to databases to streaming web servers.

Project Specifics

Intel® ISA-L is written primarily in hand coded ASM but with bindings for the C/C++ programming languages and distributed under a BSD license.  ISA-L contains highly optimized algorithms behind an API automatically choosing an appropriate binary implementation for the detected processor architecture, allowing ISA-L to run on past, current, and next-generation CPUs without interface changes. In addition, ISA-L code is OS agnostic, supporting Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD among others. 

About Intel Involvement

Intel provides storage with the world’s most advanced multi-core architecture and has an industry leading commitment to providing open source solutions. This project is used most often on the Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor.

ISA-L Source

Intel Developer Zone landing for ISA-L

ISA-L and IPP Compression

Erasure Code and ISA-L