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This project has been archived and is currently not supported


jWebAudio is a JavaScript library based on HTML5 Web Audio API and is designed for web games with both the jQuery version and standard version.



  • Web Audio library -- Web Audio seeks to process and synthesize audio in web applications. jWebAudio keeps the technical details of Web Audio under the hood and makes it easier to control your audio.

  • Designed for web games -- You can find almost everything you need to control audio in web games with jWebAudio, which provides functions like fade in and fade out, loop, and multishot for short sound effects like gunshots and etc.

  • jQuery and standard versions -- jWebAudio provides both jQuery and standard versions, the functionality of which are the same. The difference lies only in the method of calling functions. You may choose either version depending on project requirements and personal preference.

  • Light-weight -- jWebAudio focuses on audio control of web games and provides functions that are most frequently used in game development, which makes it a lightweight (9.0kb for minified standard version) but well-featured audio library.

  • Precise audio control -- Along with basic audio control like play, pause and stop, and settings like volume, mute and loop, jWebAudio highlights itself with precise audio control. You can seek to a specific point and start playing from that exact position.

  • 2D and 3D sound effects -- With jWebAudio, you can add sound effects (for example: telephonize) in a simple way. And you can make your own sound effects by setting Biquad Filter parameters. With 3D sound effect, you can set parameters like position and velocity of the sound source, to make it feel like being in a 3D environment.