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Let’s Sync Up at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe Virtual 2021

Paving the Way for Tomorrow

Data-centric, edge-distributed workloads of the future demand greater computing performance, speed, security, storage, networking and more. Cloud native technologies—containers and container orchestration engines, like Kubernetes*—must harness diverse, specialized hardware to unlock new use cases, like artificial intelligence and deep learning, among others.

With its heritage in open source, Intel has been committed to furthering open cloud innovation through contributions to projects like KVM, Xen*, OpenStack*, Kata Containers*, and StarlingX*. Our early contributions to Kubernetes helped extend capabilities by shaping the architecture and requirements for device plugins, address limitations for a variety of high-bandwidth, low-latency workloads, such as CPU pinning and node feature discovery, and enable new features for use in networking applications such as multiple network interfaces and single root I/O virtualization.

Today, we’re continuing to collaborate across the Kubernetes community and ecosystem to deliver best-fit performance and security for cloud native workloads, ease the developer experience, and pave the way for tomorrow.

Speed prototyping and ease customization, while optimizing cost using integrated, highly-performant reference stacks
Learn how Intel helps enhance Kubernetes through code contributions, and participation in SIGs and working groups