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This Project Provides: Middleware source code and APIs

The Value of the Linux* Near Field Communications (NFC) Project

Near Field Communications is a short-range (a few centimeters or inches) radio technology that enables communication between devices for the purposes of tag-reading, peer-to-peer sharing or providing payment information.

Who It’s For

NFC is used by operating system vendors to be included in their standard solutions, as well as the customized solutions created by system builders, and device manufactures.

Project Specifics

Linux NFC is designed and developed for interoperability and compatibility among BlueZ (Bluetooth), oFono (cellular) and PacRunner (JavaScript and static proxy configuration support).

Linux NFC is written in the C and Assembly programming languages, and distributed under the GPL v2 license.

About Intel Involvement

Intel is a leading contributor to this and other Linux communication technologies, ensuring interoperability and compatibility.

NFC is optimized through open source for client devices containing Intel® Quark™ Technologies, Intel® Atom™ processors and Intel® Core™ processors.

News & Blogs

neard 0.15

By Samuel Ortiz on Dec 19, 2014

neard 0.15 was released on Dec 8th, 2015. Changelog says:         Added iso15693 (NFC type5) support.         Added Secure Element support (seeld).     ...

neard 0.13

By Samuel Ortiz on Sep 24, 2013

We released neard 0.13 on September 17th, 2013. The main new feature for 0.13 is the Manager mode implementation for the PHDC specificiation. The PHDC (Personal Health Device Communication) specification defines 2 roles, Agent and Manager, for...

neard 0.10

By Olivier Guiter on Apr 24, 2013

Hi All, Even though 0.11 is around the corner, it's better late than never: We release neard 0.10 on March 8th, 2013. The most interesting new feature with this release is the initial WiFi Handover implementation from Ravi kumar Veeramally. In...

neard 0.9

By Olivier Guiter on Jan 28, 2013

Hi All, neard 0.9 was released on January 11th, 2013. We have several interesting new features with this releases: 1) nfctool: Thierry Escande worked on this standalone command line tool aimed at controlling and monitoring NFC adapters....