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neard 0.10

BY Olivier Guiter ON Apr 24, 2013

Hi All,

Even though 0.11 is around the corner, it's better late than never: We release neard 0.10 on March 8th, 2013.

The most interesting new feature with this release is the initial WiFi Handover implementation from Ravi kumar Veeramally. In conjunction with ConnMan's neard plugin we now support dynamic and static WiFi Handover.

One neat example is when you run both neard and ConnMan in tethering mode on the same machine. You can then touch your NFC dongle with e.g. your NFC enabled phone and get associated with the ConnMan exposed SSID auto-magically.

Besides the WiFi Handover we got:

  • Shiny neard and neard.conf man pages.
  • More NDEF related unit testing.
  • Service Name Lookup (SNL) support in nfctool, i.e. you can ask an NFC peer for its available LLCP services from nfctool now. (Thierry Escande)
  • Fixes for the Handover test suite (Olivier Guiter).
  • Support for the handover power state field, i.e. both neard and the handover agent will know about the carrier power state. (Szymon Janc)

neard 0.10 can be downloaded from:

neard is available via git at:


Web interface to the git repository:;a=summary