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neard 0.9

BY Olivier Guiter ON Jan 28, 2013
Hi All,

neard 0.9 was released on January 11th, 2013.

We have several interesting new features with this releases:

1) nfctool: Thierry Escande worked on this standalone command line tool aimed
at controlling and monitoring NFC adapters. Its feature set will be extended
but we can already list the available adapters, start and stop polling on one
of them, set some of the LLCP link parameters and last but not least monitor
and decode incoming and outgoing LLCP traffic on a specific interface. You can
either dump the monitoring output to your terminal or save it to a file in pcap
format. This file can then be read and analyzed by wireshark (Yes, upstream
wireshark does support NFC).

2) Bluetooth handover: Szymon Janc implemented the Bluetooth handover agent
support on both neard and BlueZ. BlueZ 5.0 and later will register a neard
plugin implementing the neard agent API for receiving and sending the
Bluetooth OOB data. This provides a clean and nice separation between NFC and
Bluetooth operations.
If such plugin is not built in, neard will fallback to the legacy Bluetooth

3) SNEP validation server: The NFC Forum defines a set of SNEP validation
tests and Olivier Guiter implemented the server side of it. While doing so he
improved and fixed our SNEP implementation that now lives in snep-core.c. All
7 SNEP server validation tests pass against nfcpy.

4) Unit tests: The first unit tests we implemented exercise the NDEF core
codes by parsing well known NDEFs and checking that the outcome is properly

So be wild, go crazy and enjoy neard 0.9!

neard 0.9 can be downloaded from:

neard is available via git at:

Web interface to the git repository:;a=summary