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neard 0.13

BY Samuel Ortiz ON Sep 24, 2013

We released neard 0.13 on September 17th, 2013.

The main new feature for 0.13 is the Manager mode implementation for the

PHDC specificiation. The PHDC (Personal Health Device Communication)
specification defines 2 roles, Agent and Manager, for the NFC based
health devices.
With neard 0.13, a PHDC Manager application can register as a PHDC agent
against neard and will only have to worry about receiving and sending
ISO 11073 frames. Check the doc/phdc-api.txt document for more details.

neard 0.13 also bring the following goodies:

  • nfctool support for firmware update (Only supported by the pn544 driver for now)
  • Android Application Record NDEFs support
  • Raw MIME type payload SNEP push support

neard 0.13 can be downloaded from:

neard is available via git at:

Web interface to the git repository:;a=summary