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neard 0.15

BY Samuel Ortiz ON Dec 19, 2014

neard 0.15 was released on Dec 8th, 2015.

Changelog says:

        Added iso15693 (NFC type5) support.
        Added Secure Element support (seeld).
        Added iso14443-B (NFC type4b) support.
        Added NFC type5 RMB (Read Multiple Block) support.
        Fixed NFC type1 dynamic read.
        Fixed NFC type1 check_presence to only read the tag ID.
        Fixed NFC type2 CC magic number check.
        Fixed NFC type4 NDEF detection and handling code.
        Fixed NFC type4 check_presence implementation.
        Fixed PHDC coding style and potential bugs.
        Fixed the constant poll loop to retry on busy adapters.
        Fixed an agent memory leak.
        Fixed and cleaned the build system.

It's available here: