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Linux* UEFI Validation

This "Linux-readiness" distribution provides a new level of support to developers identifying firmware implementation issues.

  • Booting with LUV

    How do I install the Linux* UEFI Validation (LUV) project? There's no need to permanently install the LUV project on your machine. A live image is provided in the Downloads section, suitable for writing to a USB flash drive, which can be used to boot your machine and run the tests without needing to modify the existing OS installed on the hard disk. Also, the LUV project will not modify the OS...

    By 01 Staff (not verified) on Oct 03, 2014
  • Flashing your USB

    As discussed here, there is no need to install LUV in your computer. LUV can live completely in a USB stick and all you need to do is download one our images (we recommend you to download the latest) and flash it in your USB stick. We have produced two videos to guide you in the process, for both Microsoft Windows and Linux. Instructions for Linux users The process involves mainly plugging your...

    By Ricardo Neri on May 12, 2015