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Linux* UEFI Validation

This "Linux-readiness" distribution provides a new level of support to developers identifying firmware implementation issues.

The Linux UEFI Validation project is entirely open source and welcomes contributions! There are numerous ways you can get involved with the project.


Browse the source

You can access the source for the luv project on github at the luv-yocto repository. Alternatively you can checkout the source using git,

git clone


Submit your test results

If you feel like sharing your results we've us, we'd really appreciate it. Gathering this data allows us to improve the Linux code that interacts with the UEFI firmware. It also helps us to direct our effort to those areas that need the most improvement. Please send your results to the luv mailing list.


Get in touch

Experienced an issue with the luv project? Got a great idea for a new feature? Why not let us know by opening an issue item on our issue tracker? If you prefer email feel free to send your comments to Alternatively, come and hang out on the project's IRC channel, #luvos on