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Meet the new Intel® Linux* Graphics mark—the Teapot

Annie Matheson
Linux Graphics Teapot

We are excited to reveal the new Intel® Linux* Graphics teapot mark to represent our leading-edge 3D graphics driver stack. This design is a creative take on the original Utah Teapot, developed in 1975 by Martin Newell, an early computer graphics researcher at the University of Utah. For his research, Newell needed a reasonably simple mathematical model of a common object for his graphics experiments, and the teapot was ideal due to its round shape and other unique visual elements. The Utah Teapot is a 3D computer model and has become an iconic symbol to the computer graphics community. It continues to be used as a standard reference object for advanced graphics techniques as well as rendering self-tests and numerous benchmarks.

Intel® prides itself on having some of the most advanced graphics drivers for Linux* operating systems in the industry. Check out our latest achievements on 3D APIs that are specified and certified by the Khronos* Group industry consortium at Just as the Utah Teapot has evolved with the graphics community to represent increasingly sophisticated graphics techniques, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with our graphics drivers so we can deliver the most reliable, conformant, and fully-featured drivers to our users and the community.


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