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Open-source Vulkan drivers for Intel hardware

Jason Ekstrand

The Intel Open Source Technology 3D Graphics Team is excited to announce the availability of our Vulkan driver for fifth and sixth generation Intel® Core™ processors (Broadwell and Skylake). The driver passes the Vulkan 1.0 Conformance Test Suite on these platforms and have experimental support for older platforms.

The driver is available for download immediately as of today, and can be installed in a number of ways:

1) Building from source

The driver is initially available in the 'vulkan' branch of the upstream mesa git repository

The branch has a in the top-level directory that describes how to build and run the driver. The build process is similar to regular mesa, but produces a vulkan driver. The driver can be linked to directly or used through the Khronos loader.

2) Linux distribution packages

We are working with Red Hat and Ubuntu to prepare updates for the two distros, which will allow developers to easily install the Vulkan enabled Open Source 3D Graphics Driver. For Fedora, Adam Jackson has set up a COPR repo[1] here:

Installing the driver is boils down to:

sudo dnf copr enable ajax/vulkan && sudo dnf install vulkan anvil vkcube

For Ubuntu, Timo Aaltonen has prepared a PPA[2]:

Check back for more details later, we'll update this page with further information.




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