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Fedora* 23 Users: No need for Graphics Installer 1.2.1!

Joe Konno

As of the 1.2.1 release, no Graphics Installer is required for Fedora* 23. The graphics stack in Fedora* 23 is ahead of the pack! No need to run the Installer!


Since the first Graphics Installer release on 7-Mar-2013, we have released the Graphics Installer for both Ubuntu* and Fedora*. We release every quarter or so. This allows end-users to update their Graphics Stack ahead of their distribution's upgrade schedule-- which can be slow-- and reap the benefits of better graphics stability and performance on their Intel(R) graphics hardware. This time, though, Fedora* 23 shipped a graphics stack as new (or newer) than what the Graphics Installer 1.2.1 provides. This is a first for the project, and we couldn't be happier! It's you, the end-user, who benefits from this.


For this quarter, at least, Fedora* 23 users are good to go-- your graphics stack is fresh! Enjoy!


Come back next quarter, though. If need be, the Graphics Installer will be there for you.


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