Intel® Graphics for Linux*

Desktop-Quality 3D Graphics on Mobile Linux* Devices comes from the Intel Open Source Technology Center, providing the first open source driver certified by the Khronos Group under the OpenGL ES 3D Graphics 3.0 specification.


Kernel is responsible for driving our Graphics cards on the lowest level. It is responsible for managing the video outputs, power management, low-level graphics commands execution, monitor hotplug detection and all the low-level bits required for the graphics card to work.

All the communication between the user space applications and the Kernel occurs by the means of the DRI (Direct Rendering Infrastructure) protocol, which is also used by all the other graphics cards on Linux.

To understand more about the Kernel development, and participate in the process, the following are the main guidelines to get started:

Mailing list


  • The developers hang out in



The kernel development happens in the drm-intel-next branch, for features intended for next Linux Kernel release; and in the drm-intel-fixes branch, which contains patches targeted for the currently developed Kernel.

Clone our maintainer's Kernel repository, and feel free to experiment with it, test the new code and send patches when appropriate! Code speaks louder than words.