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Mesa i965

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Sep 08, 2017

For over 10 years, Intel has been a proud contributor to the world class software project that is Mesa, supporting all Intel graphics platforms over this time. Since 1993, Mesa has been the upstream project for open source user mode graphics driver development. As of May of 2016, Intel contributions represent a majority of contributions from any company or individual. We are eager to help the community improve the driver by enabling new contributors to the project. Whether your jam is the next cool feature, compiler work, bug fixing, performance optimization and analysis, tool development, conformance testing, or documentation - you’ll find plenty of available work and a community that’s excited to see what you can do to make Mesa a better driver for everyone.

The canonical mesa repository is hosted on freedesktop. There you can find an Intel developed OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and Vulkan implementation. Contributions are made by submitting patches to the mailing list. There are a large number of people with push access that read the mailing list. Once your patch is reviewed, it will get pushed to the repository and part of the next Mesa release. Discussion about your work happens on either the mailing list, or IRC.

Getting started

  1. Subscribe to the mailing list
  2. Get the code
    • git clone git://
    • git clone git://
  3. Build the drivers
    • cd mesa
    • ./ --with-dri-drivers=i965 --with-vulkan-drivers=intel --enable-gles2
    • make
  4. Browse the Vulkan and GL driver
    • cd mesa/src/intel/
    • cd mesa/src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/
  5. <do stuff>
  6. Send patch(es) to the mailing list.


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