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Broken sound on FreeBSD with ValleyView chip

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Dec 08, 2014 - 12:07pm

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    01 Staff (not verified)

    This may be the wrong forum for my questions, but this is where I was directed by an Intel representative.

    tl/dr: What Realtek audio codec is used on the Intel N3530?

    System is PCBSD10.1 (FreeBSD 10.1) on a N3530. Symptoms are:

    • cat foo.wav > /dev/dsp0.0 or dsp1.0 produces: cat: stdout: Invalid argument
    • mplayer shows one frame of video and freezes. vlc does the same.
    • mplayer: Audio device got stuck!
    • vlc: [8020cea50] oss audio output error: cannot write samples: Invalid argument
    • systemsettings: oss sound test causes systemsettings to hang
    • pc-soundconfig sound test on pcm0 does nothing
    • Sound test on pcm1 sends a loud unmuteable jackhammer noise through system speakers or headphones
    • intermittent 100% cpu use by pulseaudio and kdenotify4 (possibly not related)

    sndstat shows two devices: pcm0: (play/rec) default pcm1: (play)

    Pin configurations that seem to matter: hdaa0: Patched pins configuration: hdaa0: nid 0x as seq device conn jack loc color misc hdaa0: 18 90a60130 3 0 Mic Fixed Digital Internal Unknown 1 hdaa0: 20 90170110 1 0 Speaker Fixed Analog Internal Unknown 1 hdaa0: 33 0321101f 1 15 Headphones Jack 1/8 Left Black 0

    hdaa0: Association 0 (1) out: hdaa0: Pin nid=20 seq=0 hdaa0: Pin nid=33 seq=15 hdaa0: Association 1 (3) in: hdaa0: Pin nid=18 seq=0 hdaa0: Tracing association 0 (1) hdaa0: Pin 20 traced to DAC 2 hdaa0: Pin 33 traced to DAC 2 and hpredir 0 hdaa0: Association 0 (1) trace succeeded hdaa0: Tracing association 1 (3) hdaa0: Unable to trace pin 18 to ADC 8, undo traces hdaa0: Unable to trace pin 18 to ADC 9, undo traces hdaa0: Pin 18 traced to ADC 17

    hdaa1: Patched pins configuration: hdaa1: nid 0x as seq device conn jack loc color misc hdaa1: 4 18560010 1 0 Digital-out Jack Digital 0x18 Unknown 0 hdaa1: 5 58560020 2 0 Digital-out None Digital 0x18 Unknown 0 DISA hdaa1: 6 58560030 3 0 Digital-out None Digital 0x18 Unknown 0 DISA hdaa1: 1 associations found: hdaa1: Association 0 (1) out: hdaa1: Pin nid=4 seq=0 hdaa1: Tracing association 0 (1) hdaa1: Pin 4 traced to DAC 2

    GPIO state from sysctl: dev.hdaa.0.gpio_state: 0=output(1) 1=disabled 2=disabled dev.hdaa.0.gpio_config: 0=set 1=keep 2=keep dev.hdaa.1.gpio_state: dev.hdaa.1.gpio_config:

    pcm1 seems to be related to HDMI, but I get noise out of the regular sound system if i run one of the sound tests against it. According to the pin settings, pcm0 is supposed to be the regular sound system. Also, I cannot send an audio file to the dsp device corresponding to pcm1. That is supposed to be the most basic sound test there is, but it does not work.

    What sound codec is used on the N3530? That information may help.

    Is there anything unusual about the way the sound system on the N3530 is designed?

    What sorts of misconfigurations could potentially cause these of problems?

    Dec 08, 2014 - 12:07pm