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NUC D54250 no audio over HDMI to receiver

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01 Staff (not verified)

Feb 08, 2014 - 10:38am

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    01 Staff (not verified)


    I am having a very frustrating time.  I have installed the latest drivers for Ubuntu 13.10 from onto my NUC D54250 with 5000HD graphics.  Here are the symptoms:

    1) If I plug the HDMI into my Sony Bravia TV, I get audio+video, no problem

    2) If I then pass through the audio from the TV through to my Pioneer receiver (Sc-79), I get audio pass-through but very choppy and unusable.

    3) If I plug the HDMI from my NUC directly to the Pioneer SC-79 reciever, I get video but no audio. 

    I am sure there is no problem with the receiver. I have tried all its inputs, and it works flawlessly with other sources such as apple tv.

    Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. 


    Feb 08, 2014 - 10:38am
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    peteracworth (not verified)

    I was told by husky24 on the intel community forum that bios # 24 could fix my HDMI audio issues.  However, I can only find Bios #23, released 12/24/2014.

    Does anyone know if there is a later Bios that has ever been released??

    Feb 09, 2014 - 05:04pm
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