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Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p and Ubuntu 13.04

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Jul 26, 2013 - 05:30pm

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    C J

    I recently purchased a Lenovo Y510p. Based on the specs listed on the Lenovo website I was under the impression that the laptop only had the NVDIA GeForce GT750M for graphics. Imagine my shock at, after nuking Windows and installing Ubuntu 13.04, discovering that the the Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor has integrated graphics and my laptop was running on that GPU and not the discreet NVIDIA card. No matter what I've tried I can't get the laptop to run on the NVIDIA card. I Need Help Badly! 

    Jul 26, 2013 - 05:30pm
  • If you are facing issue with the blank display. Then what you can do is, Just boot with the Live USB or CD/DVD and use Fn+Up arrow key to increase the display brightness. As you switch on the machine and try to boot on the Live USB/CD/DVD, display will be at the zero level as the Intel graphics doesn't give the backlight as default.

    If you have any other issue pls revert back with the specific issue facing by you.

    Aug 23, 2013 - 06:34pm
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