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[Error/Bug Report] Driver not rendering minecraft correctly

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Dec 25, 2014 - 10:53am

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    01 Staff (not verified)

    NOTICE: I resolved the issue I had by myself. Please do not reply to this post. Any replies will be ignored. Turns out I had to set it to run using the updated java runtime. Before, I had it running with the outdated one.


    Ok, so I had recently installed the proprietary drivers for my computer, which is an ASUS F55C-TH31, and I went to use Minecraft, a Java game made by the company Mojang, and there is a HUGE rendering issue with the game and it makes it unplayable. As you can see by the image below, I almost can't see anything in the game world at all. I noticed this happened AFTER I installed the drivers via the client, and there were no updates for any software whatsoever before I discovered this. I did not install any untrusted software, either, and I did not tamper with any of my computer's parts in any way. I just need to know how to fix this issue so I can play my game again. I apolgize for complaining, but I am just very disappointed in this. I am not running a modified version of the game, nor am I running an outdated version. I am running 1.8.1, which is the latest version currently. If I could get some help with how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! BTW, if you do need to contact me personally, my e-mail is: Thanks!

    By the way, my specs, according to the vendor, are:

    CPU: Intel Core i3 2328M 2.2GHz w/3MB L3 cache

    GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated card using shared system memory

    RAM: 4GB 3.98 usable.

    HDD: 500GB

    BTW, this is an ASUS F55C-TH31 Laptop computer.

    Here's (basically) what I see every time I start a world up on the game, which is Minecraft:

    Please note, too that I did not take this while it was still loading up, I had left the game like this for about 5 minutes and it looked the same. I am being completely honest in this report.

    Dec 25, 2014 - 10:53am