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Machine freeze after login with Ubuntu 14.10, 3.19.7 kernel, 1.1.0 intel linux graphics installer

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01 Staff (not verified)

Aug 25, 2015 - 03:04pm

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    01 Staff (not verified)



    I am attempting to install Ubuntu 14.10 on a machine with a Broadwell i5-5575R and Iris Pro 6200 Integrated Graphics. Unfortunately, the machine freezes once I login (most times, not every time).


    Specifically, I installed Ubuntu 14.10, then 'linux-image-3.19.7-031907-generic_3.19.7-031907.201505062136_amd64' from the Ubuntu mainline, and then the 'intel-linux-graphics-installer_1.1.0-0intel1_amd64' from here. Through trial and error, I have found that the kernel for this machine must be greater than or equal to 3.19.3, as USB seems to be broken in anything 3.19.2 or lower (for this machine specifically). The most recent stable kernel as of this writing is 3.19.7, so I am currently using that version. However, the freezing behavior occurs on any kernel from 3.19.3 - 3.19.7.


    The specific issue is that the machine boots to the Ubuntu login screen, and seems to be operating properly (I can access all the menus, etc). Once I login, the machine freezes within about 2 seconds. The machine is completely frozen, the UI is drawn but completely unresponsive (the mouse is frozen in place). Also, any ssh sessions become unresponsive as well. There do not seem to be any odd messages in any of the relevant logs (Xorg.0.log, syslog, kern.log). Strangely, about once every three or four attempts, the login works and the machine operates fine. If I compare logs from the good login to the failed login, I do not see any substantative inconsistencies.


    I am seeking guidance on how to proceed with debugging this issue. I am happy to provide whatever information is required.

    Aug 25, 2015 - 03:04pm
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    fledermaus (not verified)

    That is weird. If you disable various effects with compizconfig-settings-manager does the problem go away?

    Sep 14, 2015 - 04:31pm
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    kevinmullican (not verified)

    I did not explore this issue very much more, though it is definitely reproducible in the above described scenario. I was able to get a kernel crash dump on the screen, which I photographed. I am sorry, but I haven't had time to transcribe it yet. I will attach the picture.kernel dump closeup

    kernel dump


    I have done some additional work along a somewhat tangential line. Using a 3.19.7 kernel on top of Ubuntu 14.10 with tinywm seems to be relatively stable. Your comment about compiz is a valid one, and that is where I would explore next. However, I am off to try and get 15.04 to work. 

    Sep 14, 2015 - 05:23pm
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    fledermaus (not verified)

    Ok. Sounds like the driver in the older kernels had a bug that was exposed by compiz and/or something else the window manager was trying to do - how did 15.04 work out?

    Sep 22, 2015 - 06:15am