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Update Intel Linux Graphics Installer for Ubuntu 13.04

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01 Staff (not verified)

Apr 30, 2013 - 09:45pm

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    01 Staff (not verified)

    Trying to revitalize my buddy's Lenovo R400 ThinkPad with Ubuntu 13.04.  It runs Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD, GM45 chipset.  However, I need to update the graphics driver.  I attempted to use the Intel Linux Graphics Installer for Ubuntu 12.10, but it tells me that the distro is unsupported.  I have also attempted to compile and install the xf86-video-intel-2.21.6 drivers, but I can't get ./configure to work.  I'm relatively new to Linux and so I am still in the learning stages.

    I do have a little experience with C/C++, so would it be possible for me to edit the Installer code to get rid of the compatible distro check?  Otherwise, how exactly can I compile and install the display driver without the automated installer?


    Apr 30, 2013 - 09:45pm
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    fledermaus (not verified)

    Just to clarify:  You tried the 12.10 installer on 13.04?

    The  packages in 13.04 are already more recent than the ones backported to 12.10, so the

    12.10 installer won't be able to update 13.04

    There will be an installer for 13.04 in due course whch will have packages from a more recent

    Intel Linux Graphics stack release, but it's not out yet.


    May 01, 2013 - 12:01pm
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    odugeek (not verified)

    Alright, understood.  Thanks.

    May 01, 2013 - 03:33pm