• extract the integration tree logic and make it generally useful, maybe for a drm-integration tree …
  • add option to check-patch to check stdin
  • integrate ninja-check? Or too much checkers considered harmful?
  • add patchwork Link: also after manually resolving conflicts in drm apply-resolved
  • pull in dim extract-tags tool from Ville
  • allow dim rebuild-nightly to pull branches from local trees in dry-run mode. This is useful to confirm a backmerge is indeed correct, by comparing the resulting -nightly with the old one. Current the branch must be pushed out first for rebuild-nightly to pick it up, which means the merge can’t be fixed any more.
  • apply-resolved fails to add the Link: tag.
  • Harvest and add Cc labels to all authors when tagging a branch
  • Parse Cc labels from tag body and add as email headers when sending pull requests


  • get better at preventing and cleaning up a mess when switching branches while there’s still applied quilt patches around …
  • combine quilt annotate and git blame into one tool
  • use the index a bit more to e.g. stage all applied quilt patches, then use the output of git diff to refresh a quilt patch
  • use git commit-tree and git write-tree in the setup code instead of the current high-level hacks
  • track/restore the topmost patch maybe?
  • synchronize quilt notes in qf push and qf fetch
  • switch patches/ over to worktree - those didn’t exist yet when qf was started, and integrate much better with git
  • helper script to apply a git patch mbox, including naming the patch file and all that
  • try to figure out how to make quilt use git-style diffs, so avoid all the nasty differences in diff output when regenerating patch files. Alternative: Figure out how to make git apply-mbox as relaxed with applying slightly misaligned patches as quilt - that would also remove the need to refresh patches all the time.