Why do we need this installer ?

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Why do we need this installer ?

Why do we need this intel installer ? It does nothing, especially for distros, that already comes with installed intel graphics drivers. It would be usable, if it would install latest drivers, i.e. now on ubuntu 13.04 mesa is 9.1.1, but there is released newer version 9.1.3, and so on, but now it doesnt.

And how does it work ? Does it check for newest released versions of all components, or just compares your current installed drivers with like "2013Q1 Intel Graphics Stack Release" ?

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The "Why"

Hi startas,

Thanks for asking. A few technical bits first. The Installer supports the latest Ubuntu* and Fedora* releases. There are currently no plans to expand support to additional distributions or for legacy (older) releases of those distributions. For this project, we define "legacy" as "two major releases back or older." For example, when Fedora 19 is released, we will no longer support Fedora 17.

As for "why?" and "how does it work?", the Installer is intended to empower end-users with our latest quarterly releases of the Linux* graphics stack. As the latest Ubuntu and Fedora releases age, they may not keep up with our quarterly graphics stack releases. Quarterly releases may include power, performance, and functionality improvements, things that consumers want. The Installer works with supported distributions' package managers to keep up with our quarterly releases. Our quarterly releases are tested and validated internally here at Intel's Open Source Technology Center.

The Installer only updates packages that are older than those in the latest quarterly graphics stack release, or installs packages not provided by the supported distribution, e.g. libva-intel-driver that enables hardware video acceleration.

The Installer does not track the "bleeding edge" or "the very latest", and it will not. It tracks our quarterly releases, which have been tested and validated internally.



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Oh my, possible blog post or FAQ entry

Oh my. We may have ourselves a FAQ entry or blog post here. Three cheers, startas! If there's anything unclear about my post, let me know, and I'll elaborate.

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What about Ubuntu LTS?

When I checked this site last Tuesday (I think), you were still supporting Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, but today I see this has been changed to Ubuntu 13.04 ONLY...

So what happens if I install this on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS machine? I know there are issues when the installer is with a freshly installed 12.04.2 (using the 12.04.2 media which uses the 12.10 kernel by default), but my machine is 'just' an updated 12.04.0. Can I use the installer safely?

And if you can't give me any guarantees, can you provide me with a roll-back scenario to revert the changes made by the installer if it messes up?

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Can anyone answer my question or should I post a new thread about it?

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We're preparing something to do the roll-back for distros that are no longer
supported by the installer - as you can imagine, we want to be quite careful
about checking it before we release it into the wild.

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Ubuntu 12.04 Downgrade / Roll back

Downgrade for Ubuntu 12.04

  1. Get u12.04-downgrade.tar
  2. Uncompact: $ tar xf u12.04-downgrade.tar
  3. Roll back by running it: $ sudo sh ./downgrade.sh
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