Installer fails with kernel 3.10

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Installer fails with kernel 3.10

I have compiled kernel 3.10 (latest stable kernel) and installed it on my Ubuntu 13.04 distribution so that i can have the latest Haswell support.

When i run the intel-linux-graphics-installer, the installer quits because it thinkgs that the kernel version is too old.  Here is the exact message

"You are running kernal 3.10.0-031000-generic, which is too old and not supported" and then following that "Could not dtermine the version of the running kernel".

So somewhere in the installer there is a logical error.  I can see how it can happen as numerically 3.10 < 3.9.


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Kernel version check

Hi, looks like a buggy early check for the kernel version in the installer,
will need to be removed: The fix should make it into the next release.

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it looks like changing line 
it looks like changing line 
if (compare_versions (kernel_info.release, "3.2.0") >= 0) 
if (compare_versions (kernel_info.release, "3.10.0") >= 0) 
in diagnostics-view.c is a temporary solution for this problem...
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I confirm this issue on

I confirm this issue on Fedora 19 too. Running Kernel 3.10.3-100 (latest yum update) and get in the Intel installer GUI : "You are running kernel 3.10.3-300.fc19.x86_64, which is too old and not supported"

Then the message "Could not determine the version of the running kernel" pops up, then all the checks are green except the kernel version check which is Failed.


So the Installer 1.02 is not working on Fedora 19 latest kernel update.



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just for linux-generic' kernel -> they say well :

The Intel® Linux* Graphics Installer has been validated for use with the Ubuntu 'linux-generic' kernel.


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Only supported generic and non changed kernel

As Pad Noticed we only supports the -generic kernel.

There is an issue on the verification that fledermaus is already working on, but this wont allow you to use the Installer with your modified kernel.






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Fedora 19 Installer Issue Expanded

I was also having the issue where the diagnostic checks just the first character in the release (so that 3.10 is considered 3.1) so I booted with 3.9 to see how far I could get.

As a result, I see it can't access the Intel Linux Graphics Repository, so I guess that is still or newly down?

As a result, the package install fails (obviously), but it gets that far.


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Fedora 19 Installer Issue Resolved

I re-downloaded the RPM, did the Software Installer step and ran the Installer from the command line.  It seemed to have been successful (except VMware WS 9.0.2 still doesn't have meaningful 3D Graphics support).


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Version checks should be fixed now

Hi zzyzxoh and all,

Quick note that I rebuilt and republished the Fedora packages late yesterday-- these included further fixes to the version checking algorithm that was raised earlier in the thread. So, that portion should "just work". Please post the details if this issue rears its head again.

Regarding virtualization, see this thread for more.


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Version Checks

Thank you!  That was a very quick turn-around and much apprecaited. 

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