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Jul 12, 2018

Intel® works closely with major Linux* distributions and device manufacturers to supply timely support for Intel® graphics. Most Linux* distributions include built-in support, which means there is no need to update any additional drivers after installing or updating your operating system (OS). Using the latest release of your distribution is the recommended way to have a stable release of your graphics drivers. Intel also works with distributions to address and fix bugs within the open source graphics community. For more information on how to file a bug click here:


Support policies for Intel® Graphics Update Tool for Linux* OS

Note: We strongly recommend that all users upgrade to the current version of Ubuntu or Fedora to take advantage of the latest Linux software.

The Intel® Linux Graphics Update Tool for Linux* OS updates the latest version of Ubuntu* or Fedora* with the latest quarterly stack recipe of Intel® graphics and media drivers.  Often, the Linux distributor has already included the latest recipe elements in their distribution release, and therefore you don't need any updates. The support detailed below applies only to users of the Graphics Update Tool for Linux OS downloaded from and signed by one (or both) of the GPG keys cited on the Downloads page. Previous versions of the Graphics Update Tool for Linux OS that support prior versions of Ubuntu or Fedora will remain on the download site. However, these will not contain the latest graphics and media drivers. 

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