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VAAPI Media consolidation

BY 01 Staff (not verified) ON Feb 06, 2017

We've consolidated our VAAPI Media software projects upstream onto github and have been updating distributions with the new source locations. Changes are in flight. Next release will be on Github.

We've migrated existing open bugs to the respective github issues.We for kanban of the github issues.

The development team can be reached via our mailing list and on IRC in channel ##intel-media on Freenode.

We also have a new mailing list which will receive reports for security topics. You can sign-up here to the security mailing list .

We also use #Slack and host VAAPI Media Slack Team. You can sign-up by submitting your email address to our Slack Team invite page.

With Github, we've now added travis-ci for build testing. We use github pages now for doxygen of VAAPI generation.The new backends for Github projects are also integrated into Slack through separate channels.

See the and the files of the projects below for Pull requests and the topics mentioned here.

Libva project has moved to

Use to file bugs on the libva github site

Doxygen files are regularly updated through Github Pages and can be accessed directly through github pages libva

Intel driver project has moved to

Use to file bugs on the intel-vaapi-driver github site

Libva utils project has moved to

Use to file bugs on the libva-utils github site