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Linux Kernel Performance

Linux development evolves rapidly. The performance and scalability of the OS kernel has been a key part of its success. However, discussions have appeared on LKML (Linux Kernel Mailing List) regarding large performance regression between kernel versions. These discussions underscore the need for a systematic and disciplined way to characterize, improve, and test Linux kernel performance. Our goal is to work with the Linux community to further enhance the Linux kernel with consistent performance increases (avoiding degradations) across releases. The information available on this site gives community members better information about what 0-Day and LKP (Linux Kernel Performance) are doing to preserve performance integrity of the kernel.

lkp-tests (lkp stands for Linux Kernel Performance) is an open source tool that allows developers to evaluate their patches in a thorough way. It integrates 80+ popular industry open source test suites and provides a standard interface to do installation, execution and result analysis. Besides the outputs from benchmark itself, it is specialized at collecting data from every aspect of systems such as vmstat, which is very handy to assist performance analysis and root causing issues. Lkp-tests is integrated in 0-Day for Linux kernel regression test. 

Refer to for detail what you can do with lkp-tests tool and how to use this tool. 

The lkp-tests tool is open sourced at:
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