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Nightly Builds: Node.JS Environment Setup


Our benchmarks are executed on dual socket platforms hosting 2 Broadwell CPUs (E5-2699-v4) with 22 cores/55MB cache running @ 2.2GHz.

Other configuration details:

  • CPU hyper-threading disabled from BIOS for reducing run to run variations
  • 800GB Intel SSD DC S3510
  • 8x16GB DDR4 2133MHz (all 4 memory channels populated on both sockets)



Linux OS: Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS,

Kernel version: 4.4.0-62-generic  x86_64 GNU/Linux


We build node using gcc 5.4.0:

make -j 36


LETS-CHAT - - A self-hosted chat app for small teams

NODE-DC_SSR- - A workload for modeling server side rendering use cases.

NODE-DC-EIS -  - A workload for modelling major use cases for Node.js in Data Center (Node-DC). 

Arrays - - Benchmarks for various operations on array-like objects, including ArrayBuffer, and typed arrays.


Intel technologies' features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software or service activation. Performance varies depending on system configuration.