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This Project Provides: Resource policy daemon source code

The Value of the Murphy Project

Murphy is a Linux resource policy daemon, designed to do cross-domain policy decisions in a configurable way. Audio, video and network connections are good examples of resources that could be controlled by enforcing Murphy decisions. Murphy is the policy management framework in the Tizen In-vehicle Infotainment profile.

Mayloon Architecture and Operation

Who It’s For

The software is aimed for application and system developers working on embedded devices such as mobile, tablet and in-vehicle systems as well as other applications where the user interaction capabilities are limited and a centralized decision point is needed.

Project Specifics

This is an active open source project distributed under the BSD open source license, with a mature and established codebase.

About Intel Involvement

Intel is a major contributor to Murphy.


News & Blogs

Audio Management with Murphy

By Jaska Uimonen on Feb 09, 2015

Hi, I added some documentation about audio management with Murphy and Pulseaudio. This is the first version and there are couple of sections missing from the end of the document. If you find errors or typos or you don't understand something all...

Ubuntu packaging: domain controllers

By Ismo Puustinen on Dec 05, 2014

This is the fourth and last installment of Murphy Ubuntu packaging walkthrough. The previous parts have been looking at collecting data from the system and making policy decisions, and in this post we will see how the policy decisions are...

Ubuntu packaging: decision making logic

By Ismo Puustinen on Nov 14, 2014

This is the third installment of going through the Murphy example use case for Ubuntu packaging. Last time we saw how the data is collected from system sources to Murphy database. This time we see how the Murphy scripting works in practice. Murphy...

Ubuntu packaging: going through the example input plugins

By Ismo Puustinen on Nov 07, 2014

This is the second installment of the blog series about the simple use case for the Ubuntu packaging. We are going through the first part of the Murphy processing chain: getting information from the system. There are two plugins in the example use...