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Intel Educaiton Content Hub Open Source Portal is now ready for internal test.


The main page of Content Hub portal:


Menu Definitions

  • Home
    • General description
    • Latest download packages
    • Contribute links
  • Get Started
    • Integration Guide, the first page for any engineer who wants to use/learn Content Hub.
  • Get Involved
    • More contribution links and tutorials for any engineer who wants to contribute to Content Hub. (TBD)
  • Blogs
    • Blogs and news
  • Documentation
    • User Manual (TBD)
    • function spec for new features (TBD)
    • Other development documents (TBD)
  • Downloads
    • Release package and release notes


Github portal

Github portal provides:

  • Git repo for source code version control, it also provides one way to download .zip packed source code tarball
  • Bug Tracker for bug reporting and status management window
  • Wiki Page for optional document/discussion platform. (We prefer to use for document sharing and discussion interface

Next Setp

  • Work out one user manual and share it on "Documentation" menu, which may be used to learn the detailed features provided by Content Hub
  • Work together with Intel maintainer to create mailing list and/or IRC messenger, which provide the faster communication between Intel initiators and open community.
  • Work out function specs for new features