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OP-TEE* for Intel® Architecture

Describes OP-TEE* for Intel® Architecture 


OP-TEE is an open source Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) implementation originally based on Arm* Trustzone* and maintained by Linaro*.
OP-TEE* for Intel® Architecture is the hardware virtualization-based OP-TEE solution for Intel x86 systems with a fully compatible design and maximum reuse of Linaro OP-TEE.
OP-TEE* for Intel® Architecture is a full environment including OS, Services, and APIs that consists of the following:
  • OP-TEE OS/Kernel, which supports virtual address space isolation, privilege isolation, and works in event-driven model by the request from the Rich Execution Environment (REE) world.
  • Drivers for Linux* Kernel
  • Libraries for Client applications and Trusted applications
  • Hypervisor that utilizes Intel® Kernel Guard Technology (Intel® KGT), which was open sourced in 2015 by Intel. 

More information on Linaro OP-TEE can be found here:

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