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deployment scenarios

Pure Hadoop Implementation

Open Network Insight can be installed on new or existing Hadoop Cluster. Recommended approach for a solution's dedicated cluster or a security data lake is shown below (based on the recommended deployment of Cloudera CDH)




  • Ingest component is run on an Edge Node. 

  • Machine Learning is installed on nodes in a worker role

  • Operational Analytics is run on a node that is intended for browser-based management and user applications



Hybrid Hadoop / VirtuaL

On existing Hadoop implementations, a difference approach involving additional Virtual Machines and interacting with Hadoop components as a gateway node. Recommended for a Hadoop environment hosting heterogeneous use cases, where minimal deviation from node roles is desired.
  • Virtual Machines must be sized appropriately

  • Gateway service is required to allow interaction with Hadoop components (Spark, Hive, HDFS)


Note: Additional scenarios that combine these approaches are certainly possible