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Openstack Summit Berlin, Germany November 13-15, 2018
OpenStack* on Intel® Architecture
Your Cloud Platform for a Connected World
Inspiring the Next Generation of OpenStack Contributors

OpenStack on Intel® Architecture: Your Cloud Platform for a Connected World

By 2020, our connected world—a mass of cloud services and connected devices—will produce vast amounts of data, from self-driving cars and connected airplanes, to smart hospitals and factories. In this connected world, modern data centers must analyze and transform data at unprecedented scale, adopting new hybrid- and multi-cloud strategies to deliver the security and agility required while containing costs.

Open source—and open cloud technologies—are a vital foundation for this new economy. Intel is accelerating innovation to support rapidly changing demands by helping OpenStack and a breadth of other open source projects fully leverage Intel technologies. As a result, businesses around the globe can select from a wide array of cloud solutions that take best advantage of Intel architecture to deliver unmatched value. 

    Together with the OpenStack community, Intel is actively working to ensure that OpenStack is ready to address ever-evolving enterprise workloads, while being easy to deploy. We’re also working across open source communities, like OpenDaylight and OPNFV, to ensure that open cloud technologies can address the mounting demands of our connected world.


    Intel collaborates with leading cloud providers to optimize their OpenStack-based solutions to take full advantage of advanced Intel® technologies. As a result, businesses around the world benefit from a choice of easy-to-deploy, OpenStack-based solutions that offer unmatched value on Intel® architecture.


    Intel is an active member of the OpenStack community, helping to ensure its continued growth and vitality through our leadership in its governance and investment in mentoring and internships programs that help inspire the next generation of OpenStack contributors.


    From Global Bug Smashes, App Development Hackathons and OpenStack Days, to Project Teams Gatherings and OpenStack Summits, Intel participates at events around the globe to move OpenStack forward and ensure its long-term vitality. 

Blogs & News

Travis Broughton

OpenStack* continues to achieve rapid growth in China, with companies seeing great recognition in the community for their contributions as well as their large-scale deployments.  China Railway is no exception.  This state-owned enterprise manages a vast railway network that spans the country, rel

Travis Broughton

Once again the OpenStack* Summit is upon us, and our team at Intel cannot think of a better place to celebrate the free spirit of open source than Boston!

Pawel Koniszewski

There is a wide range of opinions on the current state of live migration capabilities with OpenStack. By establishing objective goals and using repeatable automated tests, we intend to determine the proper configuration options and uncover any technical issues in the entire stack so we can continually improve the solutions results. The goal is to ensure that live migration with OpenStack is highly reliable, efficient, fast, and automated.

Stephen Finucane

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is an initiative to virtualize network services that are currently being carried out by proprietary, dedicated hardware.