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DevOps: Why Should You Develop SDN and NFV Solutions?

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By the end of 2015, Intel estimates there will be three billion connected users with 15 billion connected devices.  Data growth is exploding, and networks struggle to keep up.

That’s what makes Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) so important.  SDN separates the control and data planes, allows external applications to program the network, and provides centralized visibility and control.  NFV replaces fixed-function appliances with virtual machines running on industry standard servers, so you can consolidate multiple network services to simplify the network and reduce costs.

Open source software on commercial off-the-shelf platforms cuts equipment costs and speeds up development.  Intel building blocks for SDN and NFV solutions can

  • Lower operating costs thanks to datacenter-wide binary compatibility 
  • Optimize performance/watt by supporting a broad range of compatible processors for servers, networks and storage
  • Improve programmer productivity with tools to ease the drudgery of development and testing

So, how can you get started?  Actions

Intel reference designs can save you substantial development time as you consolidate network functions onto industry standard servers, switches and storage.  Be sure read the ONP Switch Reference Design product brief and listen to the ONP Server Reference Design audio-enabled IDF presentation.

In addition, Intel software includes libraries, profiling tools and test suites to simplify development, testing and deployment of your SDN and NFV solutions.  Learn more about the Intel DPDK-optimized open vSwitch and the WindRiver® Open Virtualization Profile.

Other videos and white papers you should look at include:

Now’s the time to get started developing your SDN and NFV solutions.


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01 Staff

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