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OpenStack Vancouver Summit submissions

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Intel engineers have made over 30 submissions for sessions at the Vancouver Summit (surely a new record). Many of them are with partner companies. Please vote for those you like so they get accepted! See the list (with hyperlinks) below:

Tales from the Trenches: Intel IT Cloud

Cathy Spence

Transforming Intel IT with OpenStack

Greg Bunce

Quantum Leap in Firewall Services for OpenStack

Rui Zang, Malini Bhandaru, Isaku Yamahata

Accelerate Open source storage adoption through Virtual Storage Manager

Yaguang Wang, Dan Ferber

Deploy Trusted Compute Pools in SUSE Cloud

Mike Kadera / Alejandro Bonilla (SUSE)

Keystone federation - Intel Private Cloud to HP Public Cloud

Tom Fieldhouse, Declan Molloy (HP Helion)

High Service Assurance and Trusted Execution in a Private Cloud environment

John Williams, Francisco Araya (Kio Networks)

Securing your Cloud from the Ground Up

Shawn Mullen (IBM), Raghu Yeluri

Cinder enterprise deployment best practices and advanced technical overview

Anjaneya (Reddy) Chagam, Curt Bruns

Bare Metal, Containers and Hardware Virtualization - which one's best for you?

Adrian Hoban, Alan Kavanaugh (Ericsson)

Move Enterprise Data to OpenStack Cloud Storage – With Speed and Security

Ravi Varanasi, Naresh Gadapalli

Trusted vSwitch in an OpenStack Cloud

Saurabh Kulkarni, Uttam Shetty

Running NFV workloads with assurance on IA servers

Mrittika Ganguli, Alok Prakash

Metadata tagging in Cinder

Wei (Dave) Chen

Enhancing OpenStack projects with advanced SLA & Scheduling

Sylvain Bauza (Red Hat), Donald Dugger(Intel)

Server Cache Management solution for Performance Assurance

Mrittika Ganguli

VSM/Ceph for SUSE Storage

Dan Ferber, Lars Marowsky-Bree (SUSE)

Cinder Storage Volume Boundary Control – Data Sovereignty & Compliance in OpenStack Cloud

Raghu Yeluri, Jonathan Buhacoff

Trusted Docker Containers and VMs in an OpenStack Cloud

Raghu Yeluri, Abhishek Gupta

Enhanced Trust and Compliance

Gang Wei

NFV workloads on Trusted Cloud Infrastructure

Robert Broburg/Dave McCown (Cisco), Raghu Yeluri

Dive into VM Live Migration

Michal Jastrzebski, Michal Dulko, Pawel Koniszewski

Assuring Performance of a Software Defined Infrastructure

Alok Prakash, Gilbert Hyatt

Benchmarking Sahara-based Big Data as a Service solutions

Zhidong Yu

The Road to rolling upgrade of Intel IT private cloud

Shuquan Huang

Enterprise Strategies for Cloud-aware Apps

Cathy Spence,  Stephen Walli (HP), Leong (Liberty Mutual), Gerd Pruessman (Deutsche Telekom)

OpenStack Enhancements to support NFV Use Cases

Adrian Hoban, Alan Kavanaugh (Ericsson), Stephen Gordon (Red Hat)

Bringing provider networks into OpenStack using an L2 gateway

Maruti Kamat (HP), Isaku Yamahata (Intel), Sukhdev Kapur (Arista Networks)

Addressing storage mgmt challenges using open source SDS in an OpenStack way

Anjaneya (Reddy) Chagam, Shayne Hudlestone (OSU)

Tacker : Virtual Network Function Lifecycle management for OpenStack

Isaku Yamahata, Sridhar Ramaswamy (Brocade), Stephen Wong



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01 Staff

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