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Open Stack Summit Recap

01 Staff

OpenStack Summit Austin is a wrap! Intel’s ongoing investment in OpenStack's success was reflected throughout the summit. From the main stage to technical sessions, to demos and discussions, Intel reinforced our commitment to working with the community and ecosystem to help define the best path forward for Openstack's future. In case we missed you at the event, here are some highlights.

OpenStack. Open Source. Open Mind.

Intel Open Source Technology Center (OTC) GM Imad Sousou delivered a keynote that challenged the community to think differently as we work together to ensure OpenStack’s long-term viability.

Leveraging lessons from the late Intel CEO, Andy Grove, Sousou asked the summit audience what they would do differently if they were building OpenStack from scratch today. He then shared what we have done differently, demonstrating our Cloud Integrated Advanced Orchestrator (ciao) proof of concept by launching 10,000 Docker containers and 5,000 Fedora VMs in the same 100-node cluster in just one minute. Sousou also posted a blog introducing ciao.

Investing in Mitaka and Beyond

Intel was a strong contributor to the latest OpenStack release, Mitaka. Mauri Whalen, director of Core System Software in OTC, outlined these efforts in a blog post. These efforts include Intel’s role in coordinating a three-day community Global OpenStack Bug Smash, during which 302 contributors authored patches to smash 293 bugs to help ensure Mitaka was as solid as possible. This was a phenomenal community effort in nine cities across 12 countries!

Several Intel leaders were recognized by the OpenStack Foundation with community achievement awards:

  • Dean Troyer for reducing complexity in OpenStack by solving “one of the most cited problems of OpenStack, inconsistency in the user experience by creating the OpenStack Client.” 
  • Pawel Koniszewski for discovering and fixing at least three major live migration regressions in Mitaka. 
  • Carol Barrett for being “instrumental in helping different needs/segments in the community gain a shared voice” through her work on the Enterprise, Diversity, and Product Working Groups.

OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC)

Austin set the stage to highlight work done by the OpenStack Innovation Center, which is our collaboration with Rackspace under the Intel® Cloud for All initiative. The OSIC joint engineering team is actively delivering code contributions in alignment with community priorities. Additionally, the first of two 1,000-node clusters is fully subscribed by community participants, with the second cluster due to come online in June. Community access governance (review of requests, prioritization, and scheduling) now includes two members appointed by the OpenStack Foundation. Here are some great resources to learn more about OSIC and how to get involved:

At the summit, OSIC ran a “Bounty for Big Ideas” contest, inviting developers to think big, asking how they would use the 1,000-node clusters to test OpenStack code, features, or functionality at scale. Of more than 30 entries submitted, five prize winners were selected by the actual OSIC governance board. All the ideas submitted will be considered to help drive OpenStack's strength at scale.

Technical Demonstrations and Sessions

Our Cloud Integrated Advanced Orchestrator demo at the Intel booth garnered significant interest and positive feedback from attendees. Intel’s full demo lineup showcased eight additional technology demonstrations across compute, network, and storage, with Intel® Rack Scale Architecture and Intel® Resource Director Technology also drawing considerable interest.

Over the four-day summit, Intel employees delivered more than 50 technical sessions—many conducted jointly with customers or partners. For a full rundown of Intel's sessions, visit our Open Stack Summit Austin home page.

Extending a collaboration with CoreOS and Mirantis announced during the Intel Cloud Day, Intel also delivered a demo for CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi to showcase the Stackanetes solution during OpenStack Foundation COO Mark Collier’s keynote.

Commitment to Diversity

Intel continued its support of Women of OpenStack during the Austin summit, delivering a Command Presence workshop and co-hosting a Women of OpenStack reception with IBM and EMC. This event featured a joint address from OTC’s Ruchi Bhargava along with Jessica Murillo from IBM and Xing Yang from EMC.

Additionally, Sousou sat on an executive panel focused on the links between diversity, inclusion strategies, technical innovation, talent recruiting and retention, male advocacy, and the OpenStack community. Bhargava participated in a panel on Fostering Full Equality.

Additional Reading

In addition to our activities at the Summit, Intel developed and/or participated in the following blogs, interviews, and paper publications”

OpenStack Summit Austin truly reflects the strength and diversity of the OpenStack community. Thanks to everyone who made the event a success! See you in Barcelona in the fall for the next summit!


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