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Day 1 at the OpenStack Summit Vancouver

Krish Raghuram

It was a very exciting day at the Summit, kicking off with keynotes orchestrated by Jonathan Bryce that featured many users with real production deployments of demanding workloads. DigitalFilm Tree showed the benefits of using an OpenStack based cloud to dramatically increase their turn-around time on video shooting/editing, WalMart spoke to the challenge in moving to an "any product, any place, any time" fulfilment infrastructure, and TD Bank talked of the ground covered in moving federated highly-diversified technology teams to the cloud, so assets could be re-used and new services rolled out faster. 

In the afternoon, a couple of sessions driven by the Enterprise (formerly "Win the Enterprise") and Product workgroups, chaired by Carol Barrett of Intel, resulted in spirited discussion about the process for capturing and prioritizing end-user requirements, and communicating them to the different OpenStack projects. How does one prevent this process from becoming hostage to a small sub-set of vendors driving their preferences? How does one preserve the autonomy of the PTLs, who have quite a job already on their hands without now having to deal with multiple stakeholders each championing their needs? Maybe assigning a product workgroup interface to each PTL would help, but that person has to participate in the current project process, and be up to date about what that project is currently working on, not walk in with a fresh toss-over-the-wall set. It demonstrated the level of maturity that OpenStack has reached with a large group of vendors and end-users working the process, and agreeing that capturing the needs and communicating in a streamlined fashion to the PTLs would itself be a great step up from what exists today.

There was good attendance at a couple of breakout sessions that Intel engineers participated in, with nearly 150 people at the panel discussion on "What's up Swift" featuring Paul Luse of the Intel Storage Group along with 6 other engineers from different companies

The show floor has been thrown open this evening, and we can see what the different vendors have to offer there and in their sessions in the days ahead


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