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The Open Visual Cloud is a set of open source software stacks (with full end-to-end sample pipelines) for media, analytics, graphics and immersive media, optimized for cloud native deployment on commercial-off-the-shelf x86 CPU architecture. The open source software stacks presented for the Open Visual Cloud are provided under the FFmpeg and GStreamer frameworks as ready-to-use Docker images and Dockerfiles, which can help to implement cutting Visual Cloud services for advanced video distribution and processing. The Open Visual Cloud contains many end-to-end reference samples to unleash innovation, serving as a recipe book of optimized open source software pipelines to accelerate your application development.

Values to Developers

  • Ready-to-use docker images
    • Domain specific software stacks provided as docker images ready to pull, and Dockerfiles for customization
  • FFmpeg/GStreamer high-level software
    • Building blocks you already familiar with, unified under well-known frameworks, for quick app development.
  • Optimized software, add HW acceleration easily
    • Develop with optimized software with easy switching to hardware acceleration by changing docker layers.
  • E2E tested and patched
    • We have done the hard work to ensure the software works end to end.
  • E2E sample for innovation
    • Many samples to showcase what is possible and use the software stacks we provide.  
  • Open recipes for non-docker apps
    • Not ready to adopt docker? Dockerfiles shows all the ingredients and secretes. Read our open recipe book.

Getting Started 

Want to get started coding right away? Visit the Documents section to find developer focused technical documentation and samples.

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News & Blogs

Open Visual Cloud

Open Visual Cloud Product Updates- May 2020

By Vasudha Badri-Paul on May 22, 2020

Visual Cloud Accelerator Card – Analytics (VCAC-A) R5 found here. ·       What’s New: Upgrade OpenVINO™ to 2020.2 release Add VPU metric support telemetry for Kubernetes* and Open Network Edge Services...

SVT-HEVC Plugin Has Been Included in GStreamer Master

By Jun Tian on Feb 11, 2020

We are excited to report that the SVT-HEVC encoder plugin has been upstreamed to GStreamer gst-plugins-bad master. This means no more plugin patches are needed; encoding video using SVT-HEVC is integrated into the GStreamer software and now...

360 Immersive Video capture

Immersive Video Sample on the Open Visual Cloud

By Andrew Zhang on Jan 16, 2020

The Open Visual Cloud project includes a diverse span of graphics-intensive technologies and applications. The latest Open Visual Cloud Immersive Video Sample demonstrates a software stack streaming 360 video content in UHD, using the open source...

GStreamer Conference 2019

GStreamer Conference 2019

By Neena Maldikar on Jan 03, 2020

The 10th GStreamer Conference took place on Thursday and Friday 31 October - 1 November 2019 in Lyon, France. It was attended by about 200 participants who were developers, community members, decision-makers, industry partners, or researchers in the...


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