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OVC 21.03 released

BY Vasudha Badri-Paul ON Mar 29, 2021

OVC 21.03 released  -

Docker File Upgrade of components

  • Add Intel Server GPU Platform support
  • Add Intel Server GPU media FFmpeg Dockerfiles
  • Add Ubuntu20.04 support, retire Ubuntu16.04 and VCA2 platform
  • Add media SRS Dockerfiles for the IP-camera streaming support
  • M4 templates v2.0 with various ingredients upgraded to latest version
  • OWT/OWT360 CentOS7 & Ubuntu18.04 support, retire CentOS7.6
  • Upgrade SVT-AV1 to v0.8.6
  • Upgrade Media driver to v20.2.0, Media SDK to v20.2.1, libva to v2.8.0, gmmlib to v20.2.5
  • Upgrade OpenCV to v4.5.1
  • Upgrade OpenVINO to v2021.2
  • Upgrade QAT engine to v0.6.4, QAT Nginx to v0.4.4, QATzip to v1.0.2.
  • Update OpenSSL to v1.1.1i
  • Upgrade Nginx to v1.18.0, Nginx http flv to v1.2.8
  • Upgrade Dav1d to v0.7.1,  libaom to v2.0.0,  libogg to v1.3.4
  • Upgrade x265 to v3.3

New - Simplified Media Transcode (CDN)  for the latest 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and Intel Server GPU 

  • High density (Intel Server GPU ), full pre/post-processing modes (hybrid)
  • Transcode scenario for benchmark
  • Support HW acceleration with cdn and transcode scenario on XeonE3 and Intel Server GPU 
  • NPG Reference architecture implementation to be posted on Network Builders ww14

Upgrade Smart City Public Sample

  • supports camera push input (for 5G OpenNess.)
  • Upgrade OpenVINO  2021.2

Immersive Video V1.4

  • Supporting OMAF DASH Library
  • Optimized 360SCVP Viewport Processing
  • Reference OMAF (Android) Player with ERP and Cube-map support
  • FFmpeg Plugins & Encoder Library Enhancements